Monthly Archives: September 2016

FBME welcomes U.S. Court’s decision to remand back to FinCEN while continuing to stay final rule

21 September 2016

 We welcome the Court’s decision to continue to stay FinCEN’s Final Rule against FBME Bank while recognizing persisting questions as to its validity.  All along, FBME has contended that FinCEN failed to provide proper notice and substantively justify its damaging measures against FBME.  Following Judge Cooper’s latest ruling, we remain committed to pursuing fast, successful resolution—or else, failing that, to carry our legal challenge through to the finish.  FBME’s foremost goal is to put this matter behind it and resume its orderly operations, for the sake of its depositors, its employees, and countless others who depend on it.  Towards that end, the Bank remains ready and eager to work constructively with FinCEN along with all other responsible regulators.

Ayoub Farid Michel Saab

Chairman FBME Ltd