COMMUNITY – and our social responsibility

We, the people of FBME Limited, firmly believe that an organisation should give back to the society in which it operates. Our business is to serve people, to use and employ our ingenuity to improve the lives of people around us. And we also believe that the time is always right to do what is right because the difference between who you are and who you want to be is the work you put in to make things right!

Looking into our records back to 1998, FBME Ltd has given a total of €756,463.12 in donations to worthy causes in Cyprus.

Below is a description of a few FBME sponsorships.

“The Leonardo Da Vinci Machines Exhibition” 2013

This exhibition was sponsored to mark the celebrations of FBME’s 30-year presence on the island.

Considered to be one of the most successful exhibitions held in Cyprus, presented within the framework for the celebrations of 30 years of FBME Ltd’s presence on the island, closed its doors on 28th February. More than eighteen thousand people, of whom seven thousand constituted organized student groups, had the opportunity to visit this unique exhibition.

The exhibition was open from 3rd January until 28th February at the Evagoras Lanitis Centre in Limassol and its purpose was to present its visitors with an unknown aspect of the Da Vinci’s complex mind, his machines. These were displayed in four sections, namely military, hydraulic and nautical, flying machines and machines based on the simple principles of mechanics. Visitors were able to discover the engineering aspect of Da Vinci’s inventions as most of the models exhibited were interactive. Fifteen replicas of Da Vinci’s most famous paintings were also on display.

Over 18,000 visitors were enlightened by the works of the inventor who, among other things, discovered the gearbox, the ship’s double hull, the modern car jack, the glider and the parachute, and laid ground for the invention of the helicopter and the armored military vehicle.

At the official opening of this exhibition the Chairman of FBME Ltd stated that “We should give back to the society in which we operate” and, today, the Bank proudly announces that all proceeds would be donated to the Archbishop Makarios III Hospital for the construction of a neurological wing for children. This amount will exceed 100,000 Euros.

UPDATE: The final amount collected from the Da Vinci exhibition, as well as our initiatives taken by the Bank is approximately €130,000. On 9 July 2014, the Bank had a meeting with Dr. Petros Matsas, Chief Medical Executive Officer of the Archbishop Makarios III Hospital, during which contractors and associates had been instructed to commence construction of a neurological wing for children, a decision that today has been frozen because of developments.

Limassol International Marathon

It is known that Corporate Social Responsibility programs are increasingly using more and more sports sponsorship as a vehicle to achieve corporate objectives, for two main reasons. Firstly, sports can really change our lives, whether one is a participant or a spectator and, secondly, physical exercise works at every level imaginable; from children playing football in the streets, major world events such as the FIFA World Cup, the Olympics and, why not even the Limassol Marathon.

“A healthy mind in a healthy body”! This important finding of the Ancient Greeks thousands of years ago, is now confirmed through scientific studies to demonstrate this absolute correlation. Sport is one of the pillars of FBME Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program. FBME Ltd is the proud sponsor of the 5-kilometre race, now known as the “FBME Bank 5k Corporate Race”. The Bank’s goal is to encourage participation in such sport events aiming at improving our health, and thus our quality of life.

The 8th Limassol International Marathon, one of the biggest and the most important events in Cyprus, was successfully held on March 16. This year the participation was phenomenal- more than 7000 runners from Cyprus and abroad took part in this “celebration of sport and spirit “. The most popular of all races was the 5k corporate race, known as the “FBME Bank 5k Corporate Race” with 120 participating companies and 5000 runners. This is the second year in a row that the 5k Corporate Race is sponsored by FBME Ltd.

This year’s event, once again, generated feelings of determination, enthusiasm and team spirit; it was a magnificent sports fiesta and FBME Ltd was truly delighted to be involved in the sponsorship of such a great event.

The 6th annual FBME Bank 10km race

 The 6th annual FBME Bank 10km race ‘’run with us for our children”, proudly sponsored by FBME Bank, took place on November 16th at the Athalassa National Park in Nicosia. The event was an excellent opportunity for recreational sport in the beautiful natural surroundings of the park.

Besides encouraging participation at sports events that improve our health and thus our quality of life, this event also had a charity aspect as it aimed at collecting money towards FBME Ltd’s efforts for the construction of a Children’s Neurological Wing at the Arch. Makarios III Hospital in Nicosia.

In addition to the running events, participants had the opportunity to take part in other activities such as having their photo taken with an original Harley Davidson motorbike, face painting and participation in yoga sessions.

“Kyrenia-Liberty” Ship

In 2001, the construction of the second experimental replica of the ancient ship of Kyrenia, the “Kyrenia-Liberty” was put on hold when the Cultural Foundation “Kerynia-Chrysocava”, owner of the ship, encountered a financial problem. 20,000 Cyprus pounds were urgently needed to complete the project, so that the ship could take part in the ceremonies surrounding the 2004 Athens Olympics.

The Kyrenia Chrysocava Foundation had made numerous efforts to secure financing from the Government, other state institutions as well as the Cyprus Associations of Banks, but nothing materiazed.

When it was made aware of the need, FBME Limited decided without hesitation, to finance this project. Approval from the Central Bank of Cyprus was sought in accordance with the normal procedures. Surprisingly, the request for approval was denied in a letter from the Central Bank which said that such support should be provided only from a wholly-owned Cypriot institution.

This did not change the issue that no organisation had stepped forward to support the project. So, aware of the growing need, one of the shareholders of FBME donated the whole sum of 20,000 Cyprus pounds from his own funds.

This enabled the building of the “Kyrenia-Liberty” to be completed on time. Thanks to the donation, the ship was able to travel to the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, carrying a cargo of local Cyprus copper from which the bronze medals could be produced. This attracted great international interest. The image of the ship was used on the first Cyprus euro coins and the exercise confirmed the Republic’s leading place in underwater archaeology.

Donation to the “Counseling Center of Social and Spiritual Support for the Holy Monastery of Kykkos

A total donation of €30,000 was made to the Holy Monastery of Kykkos Center to assist families in need. €25,000 were given in €50 food vouchers (that did not bear the Bank’s name or logo) and the remaining €5,000 were deposited in the Center’s bank account to settle the outstanding utility bills of those families in need.

Free Yoga Lessons

As part of FBME’s contribution to society, for the past three years, the Bank has offered free yoga lessons not only to its staff but also to any individual from the general public. These lessons are held three times per day are run by Indian gurus.

Participants say that the lessons help them relax, strengthen their body’s defenses, increase flexibility, strength and stamina. Through time they build self-confidence, self-discipline, self-awareness and clarity.

Pharos Arts Foundation

The Pharos Arts Foundation is an educational foundation dedicated to the promotion of the arts and humanities. The Foundation hosts artists and musicians from abroad, thus giving the Cypriot public the opportunity to experience from first-hand what is offered internationally, and has been supported by the Bank for the past three years.

Larnaca Roof for Single-Parent Family

In December 2012 the staff at the Bank ‘adopted’ nine families faced with dire financial circumstances. One of these, a single-parent family of four children, lived in a house whose roof was leaking soaking the walls and making the plaster fall off.

The staff and management of the Bank made a collection to raise the €6,000 cost to rebuild the roof and so enable the family to live in descent conditions while donating, clothes, furniture, appliances and food.

Those organisations which have received FBME charitable support

Among those that have benefited from FBME donations are:

  • Evangelismos School
  • Parents Association of the 4th Aglantzia Elementary School
  • Argaki Cultural Foundation
  • V.C.
  • Pancyprian Association of Blind Children
  • Tanzanian Embassy in Moscow
  • Kennedy Publications
  • Limassol Phoenician Lions Club
  • Nicolaos of Gata Convent
  • “Angels Live Among us”
  • Russian Orthodox Church
  • Association of Blind people
  • Europa Uomo
  • Pope’s Visit to Cyprus
  • New Hope School
  • Xamogelo tis Zois
  • Cyprus International Association
  • Cyprus Kidney Association
  • Aikionides Foundation
  • Ecole Francaise
  • Pharos Trust
  • Pharos Arts Foundation
  • Deaf Sports Union
  • Cyprus Anticancer Society
  • Association for Children with Special needs
  • American Academy
  • Ilarchos
  • Counseling Center of Social and Spiritual Support of the Holy Monastery of Kykkos
  • Center for Preventive Peadiatrics
  • Municipality of Nicosia
  • Archbishop Makarios III Hospital
  • Make a Wish
  • Engomi Public Kindergarten
  • Radiomarathonios
  • Love the Children Day Fund
  • Cyprus Autism Association
  • For Armenian families affected by the war in Syria
  • Pasykaf
  • Aglantzia Gymnasium
  • Rotary Club of Nicosia
  • The American International school
  • Maronite Archbishopric
  • Varvara Church
  • Basketball Referee Association
  • Cyprus Foundation for Muscular Dystrophy Research
  • Cyprus Deaf Federation
  • Vestnik Kipra
  • Ayios Mnason
  • Pancyprian Organisation of Kidney Disorders
  • Kyrenia Chrysocava Foundation
  • Ladies Circle No. 4
  • Cyprus International Institute of Management
  • Cyprus International Business Association
  • As well as numerous donations to individuals.

Prior to the Resolution Decree imposed by the Central Bank on FBME’s Cyprus branch on 21 July 2014, more was planned.