Private Investigators in contempt of court

7 February 2020

In a new development in our legal battle against the private investigators (Nigel Brown, Alec Leighton and their related investigations companies), the English Court has now found the defendants to be in contempt of court for failing to comply with court orders.

Following the English Court’s judgment last year that the investigators had unlawfully committed breaches of confidentiality (as described in our update in June 2019 below), the Court ordered the investigators to provide FBME and its shareholders full disclosure of the information found by the court to have been unlawfully disclosed by the investigators.

The finding of contempt of court affirms that the investigators have failed to make full disclosure of their wrongdoing and are now in serious breach of their obligations to the court.

Overall, this case confirms that the investigators acted wrongly and without legal justification. It is clear as a result of our case in the English courts that a number of authorities in various countries have been acting on premature and speculative conclusions reached by and disseminated by the investigators, leading to unwarranted damage to FBME, its depositors, shareholders and their families.  We will continue to fight for justice and to clear our names.

Please see these links for the judgment and order of January 2020.

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