Monthly Archives: November 2015

FinCEN Ordered to Complete New Administrative Process

8 November 2015

Thanks to the US judicial process, FinCEN has been blocked from implementing a sanction that threatened to destroy FBME even though FBME has always worked to address any issues identified by regulators or auditors. Without the rulings of Judge Cooper, FinCEN could have wiped the Bank out based on supposed evidence that FinCEN insisted on keeping secret, despite having no valid basis to withhold it.

FBME Bank Limited wants nothing more than the chance to confront at least some of the secret evidence to clear its name, and to protect its employees and customers.

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Desperate and Illegal Throw by Central Bank of Cyprus

6 November 2015

Sources opposed to the actions taken by a small group of Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) officials against FBME Bank Limited, have warned that the CBC is planning to attempt a liquidation of the Cyprus branch of FBME, following the announcement by FBME of its decision to migrate certain accounts from its branch in Cyprus to its head office in Tanzania. The aim is to get the CBC out of its self-imposed dangerous predicament. If implemented, this hazardous and illegal measure will be opposed with the full force of the law.

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