Monthly Archives: December 2017

Notice to FBME Clients and the Public

23 December 2017

Recently there have appeared in the press various wholly false and outrageous allegations against FBME Bank, which is owned by FBME Ltd. For example, we have recently been accused of banking Manafort and Gates, who have never had accounts at FBME and who are widely known to have accounts with Bank of Cyprus. The Bank believes these falsehoods have been deliberately generated by people with a commercial axe to grind against FBME. The timing of this egregious smear campaign started in earnest immediately following the final hearing of a Bilateral Investment Treaty arbitration in June 2017 between the Saab Brothers and the Republic of Cyprus at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, which we are currently awaiting the outcome of.

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News Update

14 December 2017

There have recently appeared online false allegations against FBME. We categorically deny the alleged wrongdoing. We are consulting with our lawyers.

For further detail please see our more comprehensive response to these allegations in our post below entitled ‘Announcement’.