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Just 120 FBME depositors apply for DPS

30 April 2016

It has been confirmed that just 120 out of 6,500 insured depositors of FBME Bank’s branch in Cyprus have applied to the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) under its deposit protection scheme. This scheme pays a maximum of EUR 100,000 to each named account holder in a stricken bank – anything above this amount is lost.

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US Professor: “Overzealous FinCEN Requires Oversight”

16 April 2016

Writing on the American Banker website, Sharyn O’Halloran, a George Blumenthal Professor of Political Economy and a professor of international and public affairs at Columbia University, wrote that in its actions against FBME it is clear the “… overzealous FinCEN needs more oversight” from US authorities. She described FinCEN’s proposed punishments as “draconian”, and pointed to the “… glaring gaps in its administrative process and lack of substantiated claims in its pursuit of FBME, (which) suggest that FinCEN sleepwalked toward a predetermined outcome of simply wanting the institution closed”.

She added that “… it also appears that FinCEN’s targeting of the bank borders on unconstitutional,” and believes that in opposing FinCEN’s strictures FBME “… has a good case”. The full article can be accessed here:

FBME Staff in Cyprus Strike Until Further Notice

12 April 2016

The employees of FBME Bank in Cyprus have gone on strike until further notice. They have walked out because of the unreasonable actions of the Special Administrator of the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC), plus the overall behaviour and actions of the CBC and the Cyprus authorities. A statement has been issued by the employees which reads as follows:

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Former Attorney General of Cyprus Slams Central Bank

12 April 2016

 Mr Alekos Markides, a former Attorney General of the Republic and now legal advisor of FBME Bank Ltd made two separate interventions on state radio CyBC (12 April) and MEGA Television (9 April) in response to the recent activation of the Depositors Guarantee Scheme. He claimed that the Central Bank has lacked a strategy and is now merely trying to divert attention from its mishandling of the situation.  Continue reading

Activation of Deposit Protection Scheme protects CBC, not Depositors

10 April 2016

Following a series of unilateral, illegal, arbitrary and irresponsible actions by the Central Bank of Cyprus (“CBC”) the delayed announcement on 9 April 2016 that the Deposit Protection Scheme is activated is a welcome move, coming some 21 months after the Resolution Authority and the CBC acted against FBME Bank Limited (“FBME”).

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CBC Actions Unlawful and Irresponsible

6 April 2016

The Special Administrator of FBME Bank Limited Cyprus Branch has issued letters of termination to 136 employees supposedly to cut costs to safeguard deposits. The reason is, ostensibly, cost savings in order to protect depositors. Currently the Bank has capital and reserves of 162 million dollars over and above the funds available to cover all deposits and any cost saving would be deducted first from this. Accordingly, this purported cost saving has no benefit to depositors. Indeed, to the contrary, the ability of the bank to conserve its assets is adversely impacted because of the loss of staff.

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