Monthly Archives: July 2017

FBME Ltd refutes fake news

7 July 2017

Recent articles published in both online press and local media make unsubstantiated and false claims alleging various wrongdoings by FBME. We, as FBME Ltd, totally refute the general sentiment of these articles as well as the specific accusations.

In the instances of claims being made with reference to third party audits, FBME Ltd would like to clarify, for the record, that all independent audits commissioned by the Bank or by Regulators completely exonerate the Bank of any general and/or specific wrong doings. Any claims to the contrary are deliberately misleading and intentionally false, with a clear aim of creating a false impression with both the public and official bodies.

We reserve our legal rights against these publications as well as against any entity that has illegally divulged confidential reports which are the property of the Bank. FBME Ltd will be taking all available legal actions against these publications who are publishing fake news. This fake news is unfortunately harmful to both the reputation of the Republic of Cyprus as well as to the Bank and its clients.