FBME Staff Announcement

28 July 2014

(A call made by employees of FBME Bank in Cyprus on 28 July 2014 for the Central Bank of Cyprus to listen to their concerns.)
We are gathered here today in order to voice our concerns with the decisions of the Central Bank and in order to highlight the impact which these decisions have on ourselves and our families.

Many of us have been employed here for a number of years and have invested our lives in this institution which is the source of our livelihood. We are proud to be employees of the bank and we hereby declare our support to this institution.

Furthermore, it is also important to remember that our Bank makes a significant contribution to the economy, in terms of its co-operation with local service providers.

We understand that steps are being taken in order to address the allegations which have been made at the US level and that the bank and we would like the bank to be allowed the opportunity to clear its name for the sake of the institution, for our own sake, and for the sake of the Republic more generally.

We would like to see the Bank and its employees being dealt with fairly and being given the opportunity to clear their name. After all, as everyone knows, these are only allegations. We do not feel that the bank and its employees should suffer consequences of allegations which have not been proven. We believe such treatment is unfair for everyone involved.

This is a peaceful gathering in which we seek to highlight to everyone that any decision related to the bank affects the lives of more than three hundred families.