Good Wishes for the Festive Season

16 December 2014

 At this season of good will, the shareholders of FBME Bank send their greatest respects and sincerest thanks to all customers, employees, associates, their families, partners and all well-wishers for Christmas and the New Year.

These past months have imposed severe and unexpected hardship on innocent people. Some have lost their jobs; others have been unable to access their own funds, including many who need to pay salaries and running costs of their businesses. Firms have faced shutdown while individuals, their families and friends face stress at what should be a happy time of the year. From our conversations with customers, staff and others, we believe that 100,000 people have been affected by the decision of the Central Bank of Cyprus to illegally impose Resolution measures against the Cyprus branch of FBME Bank.

The shareholders also express their best wishes to all of the people of Cyprus who have again become the innocent victims of the incompetent actions of cliques in the Republic.

To everybody, we send our hopes for a much improved 2015!