Legal Floris LLC Warning

18 November 2017

It has come to our attention that a certain Mr. Floris Alexander, affiliated with a Cypriot company named Legal Floris LLC, has been advertising legal services on that company’s webpage relating to FBME Bank Ltd, claiming that they can help depositors recover their funds from the Bank.

However, Mr. Alexander Floris and his firm Legal Floris LLC are not registered as lawyers in Cyprus. As such – they are prohibited by law from offering and/or advertising legal services in the country.

It should be noted that, according to Cyprus Law, offering legal services – including the provision of legal advice – without being a registered lawyer constitutes a criminal offence. This is punishable by imprisonment of up to three months and the payments of a fine not exceeding CYP 500 (the equivalent of € 854.30).

Furthermore, we wish to inform the public that, according to the Laws of Cyprus (s. 11(4) of the Advocates Law [Cap. 2]), any person or corporate entity that has an agreement for legal services with a non-registered lawyer is under no obligation to pay fees under such an agreement and, if they have already made payments, are entitled to full reimbursement.