Questions in the Cyprus Parliament

12 February 2015

As seen on the Cyprus Parliament’s website today ( ): the House of Representatives has called a meeting to continue its investigation into actions taken by the Central Bank against FBME Bank ‘which may have consequences in the public interest’. The meeting, to be held from 9.20 am on Tuesday 17 February, will be hosted by Parliament’s Ombudsman committee. The actual name of this committee is the Institutions, Merit and Commissioner for Administration (Ombudsman) Committee and its primary responsibility is the oversight of the conduct of public bodies and institutions.

Those invited to appear before the said committee will be the Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus, the Attorney General, the head of the Republic’s financial crime fighting agency Mokas, representatives from the Ministry of Finance, the President of the Cyprus Bankers’ Association, the Executive Directors of the Central Bank and the Administrator appointed by the Central Bank to run the Cyprus branch of FBME Bank.

As this is a meeting being held in the public interest, more information will become available in due course. Watch this space.