Customer Complaints Tarnish Cyprus Reputation

28 August 2014

Criticisms and complaints are circling the Central Bank of Cyprus on all fronts: banking regulation, foreclosures, past and future actions and, of course, competence. The saga with their actions against FBME Bank’s Cyprus branch, avoidable, unnecessary and unwarranted as they are, have done much to worsen the reputation of the Republic of Cyprus in so many ways.As we are hearing, complaints are increasinly turning into legal action.

FBME Limited is being copied in on many of the thousands of communications. There have been a series of emails which we have been shown from Mr Roger Mewis, a customer of the Cyprus branch, which tell their own story. Mr Mewis has written for explanation of the actions of the Administrator and the Governor, and others in official positions, as is his entitlement. What is distressing is their lack of response. Irrespective of the amount of harm their actions have done to him they have not offered even the most straightforward of replies. Mr Mewis has given his very kind permission to use these emails here, so you can see for yourself