Media Reports: Letter from Lawyers to Attorney General

20 March 2015

A report has appeared on the news site of leading media outlet, Sigmalive, centred on a letter written by FBME’s external legal counsel and sent to the Republic’s Attorney General. In this, exceptionally strong complaints have been made about Dinos Christofides in regard to his role as Administrator appointed to run the FBME Bank branch, including the accusation that he may have broken the law.

The news organisation wrote on its website that the letter from FBME lawyers suggested, inter alia, that some actions of the Administrator may ‘constitute serious criminal offences’.

Sigmalive also reported that the two legal firms, Markides, Markides and Co LLC and George Z Georgiou & Associates LLC, wrote asking the Attorney General to ‘accept the letter as a formal complaint and to investigate the matter’. Sigmalive did not indicate from where it obtained the letter.