Website Spreads the Word

30 January 2015

 During the last four months of 2014, people from 144 countries visited this website,, from around 58,000 discrete users, clicking on close to 600,000 occasions. This covers the period from 7 September 2014 when the website was put back up after suffering a hacking attack, until the end of the year. The earlier period prior to the attempted denial-of-service assault, from the launch in the middle of August to early September, appears to have attracted as many as another 100,000 hits, it is believed.

Clearly, the website has attracted much interest and many dedicated followers. The messages sent via the Contact Us page have been overwhelmingly in support of FBME, though many have expressed the hardship and distress caused by the impact of the Resolution Decree and the inability to get trustworthy information from other sources.

Our thanks and best wishes go to all visitors who have left messages and have steadfastly refused to be daunted by what many perceive as hostile acts.

The spread of the statistics of access to the website is illuminating. Looking at the analysis of separate IP addresses, it is no surprise to see that the largest number of site visitors, 11,414, come from Cyprus. The UK is next with 10,066, followed by substantial numbers from Russia, 6,410, North America, 3,062, France 2,157, Tanzania, 1,695, Ukraine, 1,576, Germany 1,066. Altogether, 35,937 separate computers in the EU were used to access the website during the latter part of 2014. Around the world, visitors to the site came from 144 countries, which represents a sizable proportion of the United Nations and all of the largest countries.

As the website managers reported, the number of visitors from discrete IP addresses would fill the Concert Hall of the iconic Sydney Opera House in Australia for twenty-one sell-out performances.